Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #27

Weekly Link:
The stupidest haircuts on the internet

Weekly Image:

Weekly Kiernan:
He turned two on the weekend, and he's still a genius. The other morning he corrected his use of verb-usage mid-sentence: "Mommy are you going - Mommy are you coming downstairs?" Also, he's definitely Canadian. Or maybe Lara and I just say "Eh?" at the end of too many sentences for him not to mimic.

Weekly Video:
New Pomplamoose! Woohoo!

Weekly Environment:
If you buy compostable bags to line your kitchen compost bin, please note that the bag may compost before it's time to empty the bin, thus lowering the usefulness of the bags.

Weekly WTF:
Blog posts which revert to earlier saves when you preview them.


nutmeg said...

Please. Whatever you do. Do not send my husband that haircut link.

Lara said...

a) love the harry potter thing
b) the compost should have gone out sooner ;)