Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weekly Wednesday #47

Weekly Link:
Media:The Arctic Ice caps are melting! We are doomed!
Scientists: Well, not really.. and hey, check out what's happening in Antarctica!
Media: The world is doomed to a watery grave!
Scientists: You didn't check it out, did you.
Media: Sure did! Booooring! DOOOM!

Weekly Photo:
Took me a while to figure out how this photo was taken... Mirage?

Weekly Kiernan and the Twins:
Kiernan has already taught the twins how to high five. The twins may or may not be using feet to do so.

Weekly Drum Song:
Kiernan's love of mommy's CD of Bollywood tunes has guided us to my collection of 90s Eurodance. He is especially impressed that I was in the crowd (somewhere) in this video:

Ottawa-is-a-small-place-anecdote: The singer with the long hair was a student I helped out three years ago while I was a teaching assistant. She revealed they lipsynched that night, gasp!