Friday, March 13, 2009

Speaking in iambic pentameter by age 3!

I had a discussion with Lara yesterday about kids around Kiernan's age, namely the fact that I can't understand half the things they're saying. Is it because we're better attuned to the speech patterns of our own children? Apparently it's not in this case - those other kids are right on track when it comes to speech development, my kid's just super advanced.

"We are going to climb up the stairs!" he says to me a few weekends ago. "We are climbing the stairs, daddy!". I'm sure if asked he would have gone on to describe the future tenses as well. Each syllable is eloquently pronounced, which makes it all the more cute when a word in his vocabulary is consistently mispronounced:

"I meed to eat more berries!"

"I want to use the oze-ringe crayon!"

"I like to watch the Back-a-yardins!"

"I want NUF-TING for dinner!"

We try to correct some of the more dire mistakes, such as his habit of dropping the "g" on the end of the occasional "ing" verb, but it would ruin our fun to fix inconsequential patterns which will eventually work out on their own. Sadly, the following phrases have been replaced with real pronunciations:

"I like to splash in cuddles!" was always a good way to get a round of "Awwwww!"s at work.

"Baa baa blapp sheep" was an excellent song.

This morning "Oh! I have a skelkitin on my pirate shirt!" became the latest victim...