Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weekly Wednesday #43

Weekly Link:
Create your own Star Trek (TOS) plot with this handy flowchart!

Weekly Twins:
Ultrasounds with twins are obviously much longer and more complex - often one body is blocking the other. We got to see both babies' faces, the ultrasound technician printed three photos, and they all ended up being of the boy.

Weekly Drum Song:
Every so often, when Kiernan is asking to watch Youtube videos and I don't really feel like watching yet another Wiggles playlist, I'll seek out some indie rock grrl videos. I tend to sneak this one in almost every time, but there's no real reaction from K ...

So I'd been delaying actually playing the CD for him, in case he hated Sleater Kinney and hurt my feelings. I finally popped All Hands on the Bad one into the car when we went to the museum on Saturday and he loved it. When the above song came on he went "OHHH! That's daddy's drum song!"