Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weekly Wednesday #41

Weekly Link:
I've heard (pun intended) of The Bloop before, but never realized there were other Strange and Mysterious Sounds from the Earth out there...

Weekly Video:
Maybe someday I'll be reborn as an adrenaline junkie... hopefully not due to jumping off of Norwegian cliffs and then actually flying (falling with style?) in a wingsuit... Best viewed in full screen.. and just imagine it on an IMAX screen...

Weekly Kiernan:

Since I've been AWOL the past two weeks, here are two amusing incidents, although technically that doesn't catch me up at all:

We were sitting on the glider reading a story before bedtime when my stomach grumbled.
Kiernan said "Oh! Are you pooping, Daddy?" to which I replied "No, that was just my tummy making a noise."
"Do you need to go to the potty?"
"Maybe later."

Kiernan has had a cough the past few nights, which has had him waking up randomly through the night. The first night, we started the vapourizer, rubbed on some vapo-rub, and gave him a spoonful of honey. The next day Kiernan noticed the bear-shaped honey jar.
"Oh! A bear!"
"That's the bottle that hold the honey, it's shaped like a bear."
"I had honey and my cough went away. GOOD JOB, DADDY!"

Weekly Drum Song:
The only Christmas song I can tolerate (and listen to any time of the year, actually) is from the soundtrack to the movie Elf starring Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel. Zooey sings "Baby it's Cold Outside" with Leon Redbone, and since hearing her singing voice I occasionally google around to read up on the hundreds of people demanding a full album from her.
Finally, the CD entitled Volume One by She & Him, a collaberation of Deschanel and M Ward has come into my possession (I bought it, gasp!) and I enjoy its old-timey-sounding songs thoroughly, even though it can get alt-country at times... Kiernan demands song with more drums, however, so the CD is not played in the car.

Weekly Twins:
I told Lara she needs to hold those babies in until at least May 21st so they can be born under the Gemini zodiac sign. I'm not a follower of astrology, I just find that amusing. The look given to me was decidedly less amused by this prospect.