Sunday, November 16, 2008

Indie Rock Kiernan

When in the car, there is a high chance that music will be requested by Kiernan. Because there are two vehicles, the CDs he wants are always in the other car. Luckily, one CD is never moved, because it's not a kids' CD and it's not always the number one request.

Requested CDs:

A) "Baa Baa Blap Sheep?" - A CD of Farmyard songs that came with a book. I hate it because there are about 7 songs and each of them last about 2 minutes. One verse, one chorus, repeat chorus. That is, except for the Little Boy Blue song, which is sung mournfully by a soprano dude for about 64 minutes. At least I assume that's how long the song is because we always skip past it, and because who the hell fills a CD with 15 minutes of songs?! People who hate parents, that's who.

B) "Wiggles!" - This CD was given to Kiernan by a friend. Said friend is under 3 years old and so can get away with illegally burning the 47 tracks on it. Quite the improvement over the farm songs if it weren't for the fact the Kiernan requests specific songs by name and we have to remember what the song number is. (Henry the Octopus is #25!)

C) "Drum song!" AKA "Meeta Lane" AKA Daddy's Magneta Lane CD. This is a CD he'll listen all the way through, and then listen to it all the way through again. He's even picked up some of the lyrics, which is awesome when he starts singing along (except to mommy, who isn't fond of the band)... It's especially fun because he's been bopping along to their music since he was 11 months old (crappy sound quality courtesy my point n shoot camera):

So of course, today while I cleaned the shed he and mommy took a drive to Gramma and Grandpapa's, and when they returned mommy made him tell me all about how he loved the "NEW drum song daddy!" ... she's apparently countered my indie rock chicks with celtic music. I'll have to find a suitable rebuttal CD in the morning.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you haven't exposed him to a wide array of Christmas tunes yet - sacrilegious.

-"you know who"

Lara said...

the best thing about magneta lane is that I won four pairs of stride rite shoes for Kiernan by submitting that video to a contest :)

Xmas music is definitely coming soon. And he's going to LOVE celtic music more that indie rock - i'm working hard on it :)