Friday, May 8, 2009

BBS - Blacklisted BS? :)

The day after my TATTLENET post, I was in fact at the top of the list of searches for TATTLENET or TATTLEAWARD... apparently bragging about such a feat in the title of the blog post causes some sort of anti-spam filter which removed the search completely from the list... I suppose this is to prevent cornering the search market on queries for "albino cows" in order to sell their own brand of cow paint.

I wonder if a name change of the post would in fact reinstate me. Or if that post has been permanently banned... luckily my blog itself still turns up on the following important google searches (according to my analytics)...

Apparently that's someone's full name, as searches have occurred multiple times with both in the past few weeks.

Replace CULLEN with any of the IKEA products listed in this post and you get at least half of the search terms used. What do you people need reviews for? This is IKEA? Are there bad IKEA reviews?

Note to self: Compose followup post on the ongoing adventures with chunky. Include diagrams.

Little did M.A. Horn realize his publication would reach the masses in this way, and hopefully these searchers did not follow his instructions.

Okay then.

Wow. Please leave my blog and take your produce with you.

You're definitely looking in the wrong place.