Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #21

Weekly Link:
Here's what happens when you neglect a child for 7 years: a feral girl (note: not wild girl like in the hygiene manual...) Note to Tampa Bay Times: Please learn to span your articles over multiple pages.

Weekly Images:
10 reasons it would rule to date a unicorn
9 Reasons Not to Date a Tyrannosaurus Rex

Weekly Video:
It was hard, but I watched it all the way through because I just had to know why she was doing it...

Weekly Workplace:
"Eric, just letting you know there's cake upstairs!"

And so I follow the procession of ladies (I'm not saying only the ladies around make a mad dash for cake/cookies/nanaimo bars brought into the office, it's just that the guys are outnumbered by at least 9-to-1) up to the kitchen.

"Where are the other boys?" someone asks a podmate of the two other guys in my work area.
"Oh, they just stared blankly when I mentioned cake then went back to work."

I find it odd that I seem to be the only guy who goes to the social-type events around here... I don't see what the problem is - what's so bad about sitting around, eating treats, chatting about lululemon and bridesmaids dresses?

More cake for me I guess.


Lara said...

You're probably just more used to woman chatter ;)

Anonymous said...

okay, I want to know what the video post is but I can't bring myself to watch it if it's something gross...not after reading about the girl in the window.