Sunday, August 31, 2008


The Dora-themed pasta floated in the broth, surrounded (very sparsely, I might add) by vegetables. Into his mouth went monkey heads, backpacks, and Swiper the Fox clones. Finally, there was only one piece left - a rather ragged looking section torn from a star.

"What's that?" he asked.

"Pasta!" I replied as he fished it out with a spoon.

"That's a M though!"

I grabbed the spoon before it reached his mouth and forced Lara to come and look at the bowl - otherwise, maybe she wouldn't have believed me. The pasta was indeed an M, and my child is a freaking genius.


Jenny said...

OMGoodness, he is a genius!! did you check to see if knows any other letters? not that he needs to, to officially be a genius. I've thought he was all along. Way to go, K!

Shona said...

Excellent! He can join my class any time. :)