Friday, August 6, 2010

5:05pm: Productive day!

At 10am I packed the babies into the car and drove back to my parents' house. Upon arrival, I passed them to my mother then went upstairs to pass out for 3 hours.

I woke up, played with Juliette a bit while Quinn went down for a nap, ate lunch, then decided to drive back home for a few hours to take care of a few of the easier things on my to-do list.

These few things turned out to be: stop at the store to buy more non-drowsy cold medication and gingerale, then head home to pass out in a sitting position on the couch, stumble upstairs to fall into bed for 30 minutes, wake up to go to the bathroom as I discovered I had a variant of whatever Kiernan had yesterday morning, fall back into bed, then listen to the annoying alarm buzzer for about 25 minutes because it was too far away to go turn off.

Now back to my parents' I go!