Sunday, April 18, 2010


The other night, after Quinn's screaming woke Juliette up, a novel thing happened: Juliette allowed me to rock her back to sleep despite my non-mommy status.

She lay there quietly staring at me, then she yawned.

This of course triggered me into yawning. She obviously thought this amusing, as she immediately stretched her mouth wide, tongue protruding.

I figured she was attempting a fake yawn, which of course got me thinking about yawning, which made me yawn.

She pointed at my mouth, smiled, then opened her mouth wide again, causing me to yawn.

Only 11 months old and she's already manipulating daddy.

For more blog goodness, I've written a guest blog post, The secrets to successfully clipping babies’ nails, for Kids in the Capital... I'm not sure why I was invited to write for them; I think one of the editors has a scary stalker-like crush on me.