Friday, June 5, 2009


The light ahead turned yellow, but before my foot hit the brake there was a smack to my left. A small dark shape bounced off the driver's side window - did someone just throw something at me?

I looked around - no one was nearby, so at the light I looked in my side mirror to see the bird lying on the other side of the yellow line. Another bird swooped in to land next to it - do sparrows mate for life? No, wait, there's a third bird coming in for a landing. Maybe it's a Bill-Paxton-Big-Love sort of thing?

The bird stood up, and the other two birds fluttered away. As the light turned green it still stood there, hopefully aware that it's close to the path of oncoming tires and able to move away.

Random segue into twin news: Off-schedule twin wakings make me feel just like that bird.